deb-conffiles(5)                                             dpkg suite                                            deb-conffiles(5)

       deb-conffiles - package conffiles


       A package declares its list of conffiles by including a conffiles file in its control archive (i.e. DEBIAN/conffiles during
       package creation).

       This file contains a list of files, one per line, with an optional leading flag separated by whitespace.  The conffiles must
       be listed as absolute pathnames.  Trailing whitespace will be trimmed, but empty or whitespace-only lines are not accepted.

       Files without a flag should exist in the binary package, otherwise dpkg(1) will ignore them.

       There is currently only one flag supported, remove-on-upgrade, to mark that a conffile needs to be removed on the next
       upgrade (since dpkg 1.20.6).  These files must not exist in the binary package, as both dpkg(1) and dpkg-deb(1) will not
       accept building nor processing such binary packages.

        remove-on-upgrade /etc/some-old-file.conf

       dpkg-deb(1), dpkg(1).

1.21.21                                                      2023-03-02                                            deb-conffiles(5)