DBUS-UPDATE-ACTIVA(1)                                      User Commands                                      DBUS-UPDATE-ACTIVA(1)

       dbus-update-activation-environment - update environment used for D-Bus session services

       dbus-update-activation-environment [--systemd] [--verbose] --all | VAR... | VAR=VAL...

       dbus-update-activation-environment updates the list of environment variables used by dbus-daemon --session when it activates
       session services without using systemd.

       With the --systemd option, if an instance of systemd --user is available on D-Bus, it also updates the list of environment
       variables used by systemd --user when it activates user services, including D-Bus session services for which dbus-daemon has
       been configured to delegate activation to systemd. This is very similar to the import-environment command provided by

       Variables that are special to dbus-daemon or systemd may be set, but their values will be overridden when a service is
       started. For instance, it is not useful to add DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS to dbus-daemon's activation environment, although it
       might still be useful to add it to systemd's activation environment.

           Set all environment variables present in the environment used by dbus-update-activation-environment.

           Set environment variables for systemd user services as well as for traditional D-Bus session services.

           Output messages to standard error explaining what dbus-update-activation-environment is doing.

           If VAR is present in the environment of dbus-update-activation-environment, set it to the same value for D-Bus services.
           Its value must be UTF-8 (if not, it is skipped with a warning). If VAR is not present in the environment, this argument
           is silently ignored.

           Set VAR to VAL, which must be UTF-8.

       dbus-update-activation-environment is primarily designed to be used in Linux distributions' X11 session startup scripts, in
       conjunction with the "user bus" design.

       To propagate DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY to dbus-daemon and, if present, systemd, and propagate DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS to

                   dbus-update-activation-environment --systemd \

       To propagate all environment variables except XDG_SEAT, XDG_SESSION_ID and XDG_VTNR to dbus-daemon (and, if present,
       systemd) for compatibility with legacy X11 session startup scripts:

                   # in a subshell so the variables remain set in the
                   # parent script
                     unset XDG_SEAT
                     unset XDG_SESSION_ID
                     unset XDG_VTNR

                     dbus-update-activation-environment --systemd --all

       dbus-update-activation-environment exits with status 0 on success, EX_USAGE (64) on invalid command-line options, EX_OSERR
       (71) if unable to connect to the session bus, or EX_UNAVAILABLE (69) if unable to set the environment variables. Other
       nonzero exit codes might be added in future versions.

       DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS, XDG_RUNTIME_DIR and/or DISPLAY are used to find the address of the session bus.

       dbus-daemon does not provide a way to unset environment variables after they have been set (although systemd does), so
       dbus-update-activation-environment does not offer this functionality either.

       POSIX does not specify the encoding of non-ASCII environment variable names or values and allows them to contain any
       non-zero byte, but neither dbus-daemon nor systemd supports environment variables with non-UTF-8 names or values.
       Accordingly, dbus-update-activation-environment assumes that any name or value that appears to be valid UTF-8 is intended to
       be UTF-8, and ignores other names or values with a warning.

       Please send bug reports to the D-Bus bug tracker or mailing list. See http://www.freedesktop.org/software/dbus/.

       dbus-daemon(1), systemd(1), the import-environment command of systemctl(1)

       Copyright © 2015 Collabora Ltd.

       This man page is distributed under the same terms as dbus-update-activation-environment (MIT/X11). There is NO WARRANTY, to
       the extent permitted by law.

D-Bus 1.14.4                                                                                                  DBUS-UPDATE-ACTIVA(1)