A2ENCONF(8)                                           System Manager's Manual                                           A2ENCONF(8)

       a2enconf, a2disconf - enable or disable an apache2 configuration file

       a2enconf [-q|--quiet] [-m|--maintmode] [ configuration ]

       a2disconf [-q|--quiet] [-m|--maintmode] [-p|--purge] [ configuration ]

       This manual page documents briefly the a2enconf and a2disconf commands.

       a2enconf is a script that enables the specified configuration file within the apache2 configuration.  It does this by creat‐
       ing symlinks within /etc/apache2/conf-enabled.  Likewise, a2disconf disables a specific configuration part by removing those
       symlinks.   It  is  not an error to enable a configuration which is already enabled, or to disable one which is already dis‐

       Note that many configuration file may have a dependency to specific modules.  Unlike module dependencies, these are not  re‐
       solved  automatically.  Configuration fragments stored in the conf-available directory are considered non-essential or being
       installed and manged by reverse dependencies (e.g. web scripts).

       -q, --quiet
              Don't show informative messages.

       -m, --maintmode
              Enables the maintainer mode, that is the program invocation is effectuated automatically by a maintainer script. This
              switch should not be used by end users.

       -p, --purge
              When disabling a module, purge all traces of the module in the internal state data base.

       a2enconf  and  a2disconf exit with status 0 if all configurations are processed successfully, 1 if errors occur, 2 if an in‐
       valid option was used.

              a2enconf security
              a2disconf charset

       Enables Apache security directives stored in the security configuration files, and disables the charset configuration.

              Directory with files giving information on available configuration files.

              Directory with links to the files in conf-available for enabled configuration files.

       apache2ctl(8), a2enmod(8), a2dismod(8), a2ensite(8), a2dissite(8).

       This manual page was written by Arno Toell <debian@toell.net> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, as it is a  Debian-spe‐
       cific script with the package.

                                                          14 February 2012                                              A2ENCONF(8)